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      Більшіст adverbs – це adjectives, до яких додано закічнення -ly. Якщо ж сам adjective
      закінчується на -y, тоді -y заміняється на -i і після нього додається -ly.
      Most adverbs are adjectives that have -ly added to the end. If the adjective ends with -y,
      change -y to -i and then add -ly.

      How do I know when to use “-ily” or “-ly”?

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        Stephanie Jovel

        You know when to put “-ly” when you want to change a word from an adjective to an adverb. You change to “-ily” when the word itself ends with a “y”
        Here is a video that better explains your question.
        Adverbs of Manner | Learn Basic English

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        Angelica Garcia

        Hey Itzel

        When you use “ly” is when you want to change a word in the form of an adjective to a noun. While when you use “ily” changes adjectives like slow and day into adverbs (slowly, daily) which explain how or when something is done.
        Is this a clear explanation?

        Here is a video you can watch that has a better explanation .

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